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The National Education Media Centre is part of Curriculum Development & Assessment Division of the Department of Education. Its main function is to develop education media programs. It supports the Curriculum Development & Assessment Branch in producing teaching and learning resources. These educational programs are aired through the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), and telecasted on EMTV. By using these two mediums (radio and TV) learning can reach the children in Papua New Guinea, despite geographical situation. Our main focus is to reach the unreached through information, Communication and Technology.
As manager and head of the Media Centre, it is envisage that these programs reach the students and the teachers in remote schools, which the department supports in terms of television equipment and installation.
For the TV lessons, I urge the teachers to fully facilitate the programs with the students in the schools. There are radio programs too for the teachers to listen to on the National Radio (NBC).
The department through the Secretary for Education have made it a policy that all schools listen to the school radio broadcasts on NBC and view these media education programs on EMTV or on TV. All teachers and stakeholders are encouraged to work in partnership with the department to ensure that the schools in their communities view these programs.

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In order to provide quality education services to schools and community, Department of Education has been utilizing Radio Program since 1980’s. The School Broadcast Section which is known today as the National Education Media Centre (NEMC) was first established in...

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EQUITV in Manus Province - Manus Province is one of the five (5) selected province in the roll out of EQUITV program. Other provinces in the roll out program are Oro, Madang, Enga and Western Province.

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Angoram District to receive Equipment set for EQUITV program - Schools in Angoram district in East Sepik province will be able to receive EQUITV program through the purchase of equipment sets under its LLG Services Improvement Program (LLG SIP).

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