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It is my pleasure to meet everyone through this website. The National Education Media Centre is part of Curriculum Development & Assessment Division of the Department of Education...

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About Us

In order to provide quality education services to schools and community, Department of Education has been utilizing Radio Program since 1980’s. The School Broadcast Section which is known today as the National Education Media Centre (NEMC) was first established in 1984 within the former Curriculum Development Division. Its role was to produce and coordinate schools broadcast programs for primary schools. The TV section, created in 1988 to work alongside the School Broadcast Section, produced TV programs which were distributed on video tapes to high schools. The amalgamation of the School Broadcast and TV sections, and the inclusion of the ICT due to the Education Reform, saw the establishment of the National Education Media Centre (NEMC) in 2001, and the production of radio and TV programs broadcast and distributed on audio and video tapes, CD's and DVD's. A TV model school was established in the National Capital District (NCD) to support the production of model lesson programs in 2007. ICT is also being utilized in other Division and Institutions of the DoE. Since JICA support TV program, NEMC functions are expanding such as developing TV resource materials for schools, conduct training for teachers, procure and install the TV equipment, and conducting awareness of TV programs.

Our Mission
  • Manage and implement an effective Education Media Program.
  • Make education media programs available as widely as possible to all education institutions in collaboration with stakeholders.
  • Develop and produce sufficient quality Educational Media Programs and resource materials in line with national curriculum framework.
  • Conduct awareness and training and provide support for education media programs to make sure that the programs are utilised effectively, appropriately and continuously in education institutions.
  • Provide capacity development for National Education Media Centre Staff to create and promote quality education media programs.
Our Vision

Our vision is developing students to be competent, literate, numerate, skilled and healthy to develop their communities and contribute to a better standard of living in Papua New Guinea through education media programs.

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Media Centre Updates

EQUITV in Manus Province - Manus Province is one of the five (5) selected province in the roll out of EQUITV program. Other provinces in the roll out program are Oro, Madang, Enga and Western Province.

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Angoram District to receive Equipment set for EQUITV program - Schools in Angoram district in East Sepik province will be able to receive EQUITV program through the purchase of equipment sets under its LLG Services Improvement Program (LLG SIP).

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