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In order to provide quality education services to schools and community, Department of Education has been utilizing Radio Program since 1980’s. The School Broadcast Section which is known today as the National Education Media Centre (NEMC) was first established in...

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EQUITV in Manus Province - Manus Province is one of the five (5) selected province in the roll out of EQUITV program. Other provinces in the roll out program are Oro, Madang, Enga and Western Province. The installation of Satellite Dishes to the five selected provinces were delayed since 2011 due to the recent upgrade of EM TV Up-Link facilities. After almost 3 years of waiting, EM TV management as of January this year (2014) has finally authorized the purchase of new decoders as a result of the up-grade of its up-link facilities.

Manus Province has a total of 6 schools selected to be part of the roll out program of EQUITV. The schools are;
Sohoeriu Primary School - Nali LLG
Lundret Primary School
Mbuke Primary School
Bipi Primary School
Nauna Primary School

The installation of 5 satellite dishes from the 6 selected schools was carried out from the 7th – 19th of July 2014. The installation coincided with the launching of EQUITV program in Manus Province and Handing over of 41 TV screens and decoders to the 41 schools by the Hon. Minister for Education, Mr. Nick Kuman.

The first installation was conducted at Sohoneriu Primary School in the Nali LLG.  The technical team spent almost 4 days at Sohoneriu due to difficulty in locating the satellite signal. Bad weather was also a contributing factor. The technical team identified the technical error and proceeded to complete the installation as scheduled.

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