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In order to provide quality education services to schools and community, Department of Education has been utilizing Radio Program since 1980’s. The School Broadcast Section which is known today as the National Education Media Centre (NEMC) was first established in...

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Schools in Angoram district in East Sepik province will be able to receive EQUITV program through the purchase of equipment sets under its LLG Services Improvement Program (LLG SIP).President for Marienberg LLG, Mr.Jimmy Korei committed K72,000 for equipment including Satellite dish, EMTV decoder, TV monitors, DVD Player, Power surge Protector, Auto Power regulator which will be shipped from Port Moresby to Wewak respectively by end of September.   Under its LLG SIP for education sector, only 13 schools will benefit out of the 17 schools in the LLG.  The project proposal meeting held at the National Education Media Centre on 22nd of September suspended the inclusion of 4 schools from benefiting. Mr Korei said that EQUITV has made impact to enhancing teaching and learning for students and teachers in the province and would like to see his district/LLG benefit to be in par with the other 5 districts. Korei was concerned the academic performance has dropped dramatically over the last 10 years with high teacher absenteeism in his LLG.  “EQUITV program will support teachers and students, and also improve their motivation for teaching and learning” he said.  He added that teachers who were taught under the subject based curriculum were better trained than the current system which saw lack of moral and discipline making reference to his father who was a teacher back in the 60’s who promoted discipline and respect. EQUITV Project Team Leader Mr. Akinori Ito appreciated the initiative taken by Mr Korei and this is the first for a LLG president to lead the EQUITV Program for the district. Mr Ito appealed for all LLG presidents to do likewise to support EQUITV Program for improving teaching and learning. East Sepik has been a model province since the inception of the EQUITV program, however, lack of awareness and support impeded the program from reaching the least districts. Member for Angoram, Honourable Salio Waipo has supported the initiative stressing that Marienberg is the first to benefit from the LLG - SIP and other districts will follow suit. Project for Enhancing Access and Capacity of EQUITV Program (EQUITV Project phase 2) is implemented by Department of Education and JICA since 2012.

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