National Education Media Centre

NEMC consists of Management, TV and Radio sections. TV school is under NCD Education Service Management. However, TV school is located in the National Education Media Centre building and operates closely with the media centre staff to develop TV resource materials and contents of TV lessons/ programs.

Through the initiative of EQUITV 2 Project, the School Support Desk was established in 2012.

TV Section


This section consists of Technical Officers, Curriculum Officers and the TV School. The aim of TV section is to produce high quality TV instructional and awareness programs; that resource materials are produced regularly and transmitted /delivered for viewing.
Systematic equipment management at National Education Media Centre is established. The environment for regularly receiving the model lessons and teacher training programs at all primary schools is improved.
Main tasks of TV section

  • to produce TV Model lesson, Teacher Training TV Program
  • to produce and revise TV production handbook
  • to produce and duplicate CD, DVDs program
  • to monitor daily TV programs for instant feed back
  • to maintain daily cleanliness of the equipment
  • to establish and manage effective TV Production library
  • to create and maintain data-base for model lessons & teacher training programs
  • to design and maintain Media Centre web site and consult with ICT division
  • to ensure that TV Programs are delivered to EMTV for broadcast
  • to compile weekly programs for broadcast and liaise with EMTV program officers
  • to support the provision of equipment for schools
  • to support installation of TV equipment for schools
  • to manage maintenance of the equipment for the media centre
  • to conduct TOT training on utilization of TV program and maintenance workshop in Provinces
  • to monitor implementation of Education Media program at school level
  • to procure TV equipment and resource materials before delivery to schools

Radio Section


Radio Section:
This section consists of the Technical and Curriculum Officers.
The aim of Radio section is to produce high quality materials for School Broadcast, Education News and Educational awareness program and that radio resource materials are regularly produced and transmitted / delivered for transmission by NBC and to utilize school broadcast program efficiently in the schools.
Main key functions:

  • Write and produce educational radio broadcast programs for primary schools in PNG
  • Producing Current Events News for students and Education News for Teachers in PNG
  • Raise awareness on the use of supplementary media instructional materials produced
  • Work in collaboration with Standard and Assessment Curriculum Officers and link with the mainstream media to enhance education for all.

Specific Tasks:

  • to produce School Broadcast Programs, Teacher Training Programs, Education News for Teachers, Current Events News for students and address cross-cutting issues through the development of awareness programs for schools and all stake-holders
  • to produce and revise Radio broadcast resource materials with the current curriculum
  • to monitor radio broadcast programs for instant feed back
  • to maintain daily maintenance of equipment and stock-take inventory of all equipment
  • to establish and manage effective radio program library and archives
  • to ensure that radio Programs are delivered to radio station for broadcast
  • to compile weekly programs for broadcast and liaise with radio station program officer
  • to conduct lecturers’ training on utilization of School Broadcast program at Primary teachers colleges
  • to produce CD programs and distribute to schools

The Radio Section of NEMC is embarking on rewriting all radio broadcast programs to meet the current standards of education. This has been the focus of the section. The writers and producers must be prepared to adapt style, method and creativity to meet the needs of the curriculum.

The Section emphasis on using the Interactive Radio Instructional (IRI) format to deliver the content through radio. IRI format is a style or approach used in education and this will be used through radio to enhance learning through constant teacher and student participation.

The catch phrase for radio is “Listen and You will See”.