Phase 2


Project for Enhancing Access and Capacity of EQUITV Program – EQUITV Phase 2
EQUITV Phase 2 project commenced in May 2012 to develop the capacity of the dissemination of EQUITV Program. The objective of the project is that the system for disseminating EQUITV program at primary schools nationwide is strengthened. The Super Goal of the project is that the quality of classroom teaching is improved at primary schools in PNG.
There are three main outcomes;
- Capacity of managing and disseminating EQUITV program at national/central, regional and provincial levels is strengthened.
- Primary school teachers utilize EQUITV program in classroom teaching in the target provinces.
- Students at primary teachers colleges are familiarized by acquiring basic knowledge and skills on how to utilize EQUITV program in classroom teaching.
The Project will end in December 2015.

Project target provinces are;
1. NGI region,
2. Momase Region,
3. NCD,
4. Central Province and
5. WHP, Total 12 provinces



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