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Project for Enhancing Quality in Teaching through TV Program (EQUITV Project)

Department of Education (DoE) had been recognizing its potential of distance education and considering it a key to cover qualitative and quantitative shortcomings in educational environment. JICA and DOE worked collaboratively on the program named, Distance Education utilizing Live Recording Broadcasting from 2002 to 2004. The program broadcasting TV model lessons was proved efficient to improve the access to and quality of education in classrooms in the following;
• TV model lessons were supplementary used to insure the quality of classroom teaching.
• TV model lessons were used to compensate for insufficiency of teachers.
• TV model lessons provided teachers the opportunity to review their knowledge of subject contents and improve teaching skills that brought better understanding to students.
In order to boost these activities JICA and DoE agreed with a 3-year project that was called Project for Enhancing Quality Teaching through TV Program, EQUITV phase 1.
One of major outputs in EQUITV Phase 1 was to support building of institutional capacity of NEMC. JICA expert, for example, supported technical officers and model teachers so that they could be able to produce model lesson programs with the acceptable quality. NEMC and JICA experts developed resource materials corresponding to the model les. The project focused and supported Mathematics and Science for Grade 7 and 8.
Another aimed output was to disseminate the project and promote its utilization of TV programs in classrooms. In order to verify its efficacy and impact more precisely the project team intended to select two model provinces respectively from the urban and rural area.
In two model provinces, the training workshops were provided for teachers so that they became familiar with model lesson programs and learn the practical way of facilitating these programs. Following the training workshops, the project team started activities to monitor whether model lesson programs were practically utilized in pilot schools in selected model provinces. In addition, the impact of model lessons on how much they contributed to improve the quality of classroom teaching and student’s understanding was observed.


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