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The JICA experts and Counterparts (C/Ps) will determine the organizational structure for the project operation with confirming of roles and responsibilities of stakeholders at the time of the discussion on the inception report. Regarding the facilities, the project will set up two project offices at Teacher Education Division (TED) of DoE as well as NEMC in order to strengthen collaboration with stakeholders in DoE. Regarding management of human resources, the project team, with initiatives of C/Ps, will hold the regular management meetings. The progress of activities, outcomes and impact of the project activities and issues will be reported, and the necessary measures also will be determined at the meetings. The necessary advocacy activities in DoE for strengthening the system for disseminating EQUITV program will be conducted by attending the necessary meetings with C/Ps for reporting the project progress. Curriculum Development & Assessment Division (CDAD) through National Education Media Centre facilitates

EQUITV Steering Committee, EQUITV Program Management Committee on a quarterly basis.

Conduct capacity development for the EQUITV Management Committee and sub-committees

In order to strengthen the management and implementation structure for the nationwide dissemination of the EQUITV program, JICA experts are conducting the capacity development for the EQUITV Management Committee and sub-committees on advocacy methods, training skills and monitoring & evaluation techniques. The contents of capacity development will be determined based on the needs of each sub-committee.

Development of the National & Provincial Dissemination Plan of EQUITV program
The project team conducts a series of workshops for developing the national dissemination plan of EQUITV program to the stakeholders of the project in DoE such as members of the TMT, SSM, EQUITV Steering Committee and Management committees. The dissemination plan consists of mid-long term vision, road-map toward the national dissemination, and detailed annual plan of the said fiscal year. As described in the fundamental strategy 1, the contents of the plan will be consistent with National Education Media Policy implementation.
The achievement goal of the national dissemination plan in each year will be set up based on the information collected through baseline survey and provincial dissemination plan of the EQUITV program. The EQUITV management committee will review the progress of the national dissemination plan regularly.

In addition Based on the national dissemination plan formulated by the above activity, the project will conduct a series of workshops for developing the regional and provincial dissemination plans of EQUITV program. The provincial dissemination plans should be consistent with the budget plan of the provincial government.

Conduct advocacy activities on EQUITV program in the target provinces
Awareness & Advocacy committee (A&A Committee) is leading the promotion of EQUITV Program through Awareness & Advocacy. The advocacy activities will target the school, community people as well as government organizations. The involvement of community is crucial to obtain supports for EQUITV program at the school level such as improvement of security and classroom environment. Provincial Government or Members of Parliament must provide equipment and training cost for implementation of EQUITV Program at Provincial Level.
Regarding the approach of advocacy, the project conducts Provincial Government Awareness meeting and presentation, Provincial Education office carries out advocacy through Education News and various education meetings. This advocacy is conducted during the meeting and training with stakeholders, NIST, Parents & Citizen meeting (P&C meeting) at school level by EQUITV trainers, and SLIP monitoring by Standards Officers. Media Centre also uses Mass media and printing materials at advocacy campaign.

Conduct Provincial training for fostering EQUITV trainers
In order to make all schools access EQUITV program training, EQUITV In-service committee developed in-service training modules and curried out provincial training for fostering Provincial EQUITV trainers. NEMC staff, Regional directors are conducting the workshops. Provincial trainers are consisted with Provincial Education officers, District Education advisers,  Standards officers & teachers representatives.

The training contents   includes:  1. Utilizing EQUITV program, 2. Management of EQUITV program and 3. Training of Trainers for 5 days. After training, Provincial trainers conduct district training to foster cluster trainers. The cluster trainers conduct EQUITV Cluster training for 3 days at cluster levels.

Introduce EQUITV module into Primary Teachers Colleges
Training of pre-service students is very important in order to successfully  disseminate and implement  EQUITV Program at school level quickly,

EQUITV pre-service committee developed EQUITV Pre-service modules and conducted training for principals and lecturers who teach EQUITV program modules at the primary teacher’s colleges. The Project provides necessary TV equipment for colleges. After starting the lectures of EQUITV program in each teachers college, the committee will monitor the teachers colleges through email or web meetings, and will support them if necessary by means of provision of additional reference materials and information.

Conduct Survey on dissemination and utilization of EQUITV program
In order to understand the current situation and challenges of dissemination and utilization EQUITV program in the target areas, the project conducts a baseline survey to collect basic data for the following analysis. Results of the analysis will be reflected as monitoring indicators to continuously measure the effects of the project. The results are also considered as a basis to set the target value of the Project Design Matrix as well as the national and provincial dissemination plans which will be developed in corporation with the project. The project makes necessary technology transfer through the survey work so that C/Ps can continue the monitoring to keep the activity on the right track. In 2013 and 2014, the project conducted monitoring as part of survey. The project collects information of progress on EQUITV Program at province and school levels. In 2015, the project will conduct the end line survey to identify situation of progress of the dissemination of EQUITV Program, its impacts, challenges and recommendations.




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